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    Customization > Closet Doors

    We install our custom sliding or bi-folding closet doors to last a lifetime—guaranteed.


    Your new European Closet is so beautiful, its a pity that you have to close the door.
    But if you must keep your clothing behind closed doors, we've got some great custom doors available:


    Sliding White Melamine Doors


    Sliding Mirror Doors

    Shop Painted Wall Unit with Applied Moldings

    Sliding White Thermofoild Doors with Custom Design

    Wall Unit with Skaker Style Doors

    We made this closet 8" deeper and made Unfinished Sliding Dors

    A Full Wall of Sliding Mirror Doors

    Sliding White Lami Semi-Opaque Doors


    Wall Unit with White Melamine Doors

    Sandblasted (frosted) Sliding Doors

    A Mix of Sliding Mirror and Sliding Froseted Doors





    Chrome Frame, Sliding Mirror Doors

    Chrome Frameless 4-panel Slider with a polished edge


    Frameless Bi-Fold Mirror Doors


    Thermofoil Sliding Doors


    Thermofoil Bi-Fold Doors


    Wood Frame Sliding Mirror Doors


    Sliding Wood Frame White Lami Doors


    Sliding Chrome Frame White Lami Doors


    Sliding Flat Panel Wood-Color Doors


    Bi-Fold Chrome Frame White Lami Doors


    Sliding Acryllic Matte

    Sliding Deco Resin


    Sliding Single Panel

    Sliding Two-Tone

    Sliding with Deco Stripes