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    Custom closet design for reach-in closets:
    bedrooms, coat closets, and more

    what started as an empty corner became a custom closet with sliding doors



    Her Closet

    European Closet keeps your clothing within reach.

    women's clothes custom reach-in closet

    Let's get more space for hanging clothes by creating a double hanging section.

    We'll keep long dresses in a seperate section from medium length stuff, you'll get more space for organized shelves above.

    Everything you're going to wear today should be easilly seen and accessed.







    His Closet

    In the morning, European Closet helps get you ready faster.

    men's custom reach-in closet

    Let's organize your hanging space with sections dedicated to shirts, jackets and pants.

    By keeping your folded items on adjustable shelves, your socks and underwear in drawers, and your shoes on shelves below, you can get your entire day's attire in one stop.

    When everything is within reach, the first stop on the way to work will be the fastest one.





     Coat Closet

    A European Closet will keep your outer wear in order.

    custom coat closet

    Different hanging sections will keep your long coats seperate from your short jackets. You'll have space for guests' coats, too.

    Let's add more shelves above to keep your hats, gloves, scarves and umbrellas organized.

    Keep your shoes at your feet with shelves below your jackets.







     custom closet shelving

     Shirts and Sweaters Closet in Hard Rock Maple


    custom shoe storage nycAdjustable shelves make shoes fit.